Saturday, 13 June 2015

Best Car Cleaning Products in India

The ritual of the car wash should not be like spring-cleaning, because your car needs the right care because it serves you loyally. Today, the process of car washing has significantly improved with AutomaticCar Wash Machine. The science behind it involves pressurized air and water, power buffers, mild detergents and cleaners and of course efforts and time.    

Car care involves vacuuming the interiors, cleaning the exterior with mild soap and pressure washings, polishing and waxing the car to maintain its look, and regularly changing the engine and brake oil, and coolant for smooth running of the vehicle for years. With the right mix of car cleaning products and equipments, you will enjoy the weekly or monthly ritual of car wash.     

Automatic Car Wash Machine Products that Help

Vacuum Cleaner

With a portable, compact, and cordless, car vacuum cleaner, the job of cleaning the nook and cranny of the interiors becomes easy. A well-powered device with multiple attachments allows you to clean effortlessly, whether it involves cleaning the debris from under the car seat, or cleaning pet hair from carpet and cloth seats. The powerful suction of a car vacuum cleaner cleans intelligently and quickly, simply plug the attachments, power it on and watch your car spotlessly clean in a few minutes. It is certainly better than time-consuming dusters that we often use for cleaning the car.        

Spray Extraction

Admit it, vacuuming the srevices, air vents, and seams and grooves of the infotainment device are impossible. So which is a feasible cleaning method? Using a blast of concentrated air does the trick.  With a compact and portable spray extraction can, you can easily clean the hard-to-reach places in the car’s interiors. This battery-operated gadget uses compressed oxygen, which removes the dust particles into tight spaces, when you press the nozzle.     
Steam Car Wash Machine

To disinfect the car’s interiors and spotlessly clean it, a steam car wash machine is used. This gadget generates steam in its cylinder when you fill water and switch it on, and the sponge nozzle attached to its’ head cleans the steering wheel, gear box, car seats, dashboard with ease. 

High Pressure

Cleaning the dirt and the mud form the car’s body is effortlessly when you use high pressure jet stream of water and a mild car wash detergent. Simply wet the car’s body and sponge it with car wash liquid, followed by subjecting a jet stream to wash away the grime. Now is that not simple?
Windshield Cleaning

Using a sponge into the hard-to-reach and narrow seams of the windshield and windows often leaves spots and streaks, which look ugly. You can use a glass-cleaning tool instead that has a hinged surface to conform easily to the angle of the windshield and windows. Its sharp edges allow you to clean easily the wet dirt from the seams of the glass.

HPEA Air Purifier  

After you have thoroughly cleaned your priced car, it’s time to install an HPEA Air Purifier that kills the bacteria and germs and de-odorizes the interiors. Make sure you invest in a good brand as it works effectively and for longer duration. – (Mr. Anil Sethi – M.D, Manmachine)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fully Automatic Car Wash Machine in India

Car wash machines are available in three types- Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. And, depending  on the car type and model, the owner can decide the method of car washing service. Off late,              automatic car wash machine has gained an immense popularity among the business owners, as customers now want the latest products and equipment for receiving optimal car cleaning service. 

Unique and Best Car Wash Equipments
In the recent times, the business of the car wash has gained immense popularity, as car owners now find it convenient to visit a garage rather than taking time out of their hectic schedule for maintaining their vehicle. Subsequently, the business of car wash is doing exceptionally well. 

To operate a successful car wash business, you need qualified workforce, technologically advanced and durable equipments, and superior cleaning & washing products. Only when you have these arrows in your quiver can you be confident in delivering premium quality services. 

Here is a closer view of the Car Wash Equipment that can make or break your business. 

Stream Pressure Car Washers: Super-powerful hoses jet stream of water about 200 times greater than the air pressure in our surroundings to clean the dirt, oil, and grime from the car’s body. The pressure wash technology eliminates the need to scrub and wipe the dirt form the car’s exteriors, making the cleaning job quicker and efficient. It uses a Stream car wash machine that has a heavy-duty motor attached to the pump for blasting heavy jet stream to wash away the dirt. A car wash detergent is used first on the wet body of the car before using this equipment.  

Carpet cleaners: Gravity holds you down and the dirt and food particles on the floor of your car. You need a good carpet cleaner to sweep out the dry mud or dirt that attaches to your shoe soles and makes your car dirtier. Today, there are numerous carpet cleaners equipments and solutions to help dry or wet clean the car floor, and seats, and remove stains as well. Depending on your car cleaning needs you can order the same at your car service station.    
Steam Cleaners: Lightweight and portable steam cleaners are the perfect solution for cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It also sanitizes the steering wheel, dashboards, car seats, and floor. This Car Wash Equipment has a detachable sponge, which can be attached to the nozzle of the wand to effortlessly clean the window and front glass of the car. However, use a mild car wash shampoo for sparkling clean windows. 

You may not need a full cleanup each time your car arrives at the car wash service station, only if you opt for quick touch-ups between monthly washes. So now you know how to keep you car in top condition, without having to splurge a fortune or investing your weekends. Simply relax and let the professionals at car wash station handle your job. Now can it get better than this? – (Mr. Anil Sethi, M.D – Manmachine Group)

Friday, 24 April 2015

What Are the Advantages of Vacuum Cleaners for Car Interiors?

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to clean the interiors of your car and for many people this is the easiest and the most normal method to deal with dirt and keep the inside hygienic. In keeping with the high demands among the car owners, a number of vacuum cleaner machines are available in the market today. So what are these advantages of the method, which makes it the most popular? 

It makes cleaning a piece of cake 

Why spend hours and hours cleaning your car when an extremely easy method is available right before you with the form of vacuum cleaners for car interiors? This method is extremely important when something like a spillage occurs with the cleaning machine at your disposal the work gets over quite conveniently. With the right kind of machine you can, not only pick up every speck of dirt in the vicinity that even liquid whenever required.

Filtration possibilities

State of the art vacuum cleaners offer high advantages to users. Besides sucking up the dirt particles, it also offers filtration based upon the machine that you are using. This is highly beneficial and quite feasible thanks to availability of dry and wet vacuuming options.

Complete portability of machines

The high portability factor associated with the handheld devices for cleaning including your ubiquitous car washer makes them extremely important for maintaining the appearance of your vehicle. Feasibility and the associated benefits increase immensely due to the presence of both dry and wet dirt removal arrangements. Take them anywhere you like and use them effortlessly to get the best results. In the process, get compliments for the shiny and almost new-like car that you possess.

Hassle free arrangement

Nowadays, the makers are looking to offer the simplest possible models to the users to take the pain away from cleaning the car. In many of these, there is no longer any use of sacks and bags, which you need to dispose of the few uses. For example, if you have a wet-dry cleaner at your disposal, it will have an inbuilt protection from caked-on dust. This in turn extends the life of the machine considerably. Naturally, the prices of this vacuum is comparatively higher than your run-of-the-mill machine but an investment in it makes complete sense as you get durability, ease of use, and thorough cleaning at a single go.

Helpful tools, functions, and accessories 

Mostly vacuum devices come with related tools and accessories to make the cleaning job possible. In general, you will have extendible tools for reaching every nook, cranny, and crevice. Besides this, it may also have motorized brushes, squeegees, and other accessories as well. The aim is to make your machine as handy as possible and reach all the restricted places like grooves, corners, and between cushions.
You can get professional like results by using vacuum cleaners for your car interiors. When in any doubt, do not take any chances just head off to your nearest automaticcar wash machine and let experts take care of the vehicle for you. 

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

How to Choose India's No-1 Car Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Whether you are a vehicle owner or are associated with a car washer, it is extremely important to choose the right washing equipment for both the exteriors and interiors. Numerous choices are available these days thanks to the development of technology and extreme globalization. This on one hand has increased your choices manifold but on the other hand make selections that much difficult. It is a condition when you want to choose India's no-1 car upholstery cleaning machine what can be the steps in the process before you ultimately go ahead buy.
For starters, it is important to understand that the upholstery of your vehicle has to undergo lots of abuse at the hands of users both knowingly and unknowingly. Every time you're sitting on the seat of your car you are bringing dirt from the outside. Moving vehicles too attracts lots of soil, dirt, and grime. It remains present whether it is visible or not it doesn't matter. As the layers of stains, dust, and mud keep on piling the appearance of your interiors become more and more jaded and dull. So what are the different equipments available in the market?
§  Steam cleaners
§  Carpet cleaners
These are the two types of options available to the average buyer. You need a machine tough on the grime and dirt without hurting your delicate upholstery. Here are some features to look for when you are purchasing upholstery cleaner that ensures complete peace of mind.
ü  Deep inject with extract of cleaning solution for a simultaneous superior and exhaustive cleaning. Car spray, extraction device is ideal in this regard.
ü  Complete maneuverability as you will need to work in a tight space in car interiors with portability for use anywhere, anytime.
ü  Reasonably good pressure delivery for removal of upholstery dirt and debris.
When it comes to cleaning the soft parts related to the interiors heated machine use is not recommended. However, they have their utility especially because one can get an enhanced power to remove both dust and microbes from the upholstery. Ideally go for something where you can benefit from complete temperature controls. Whatever you cleaning specifications, this way you will be able to match the level of temperatures in accordance.
Minimal wastage of water
Nowadays, one of the latest machines in use the low flow technology for top of the line auto detailing. This way you can minimize waste of water used for cleaning without mildew or mold formation as well. Naturally, the time required for spotless cleaning is significantly reduced. For businesses that require fast solutions for servicing the maximum number of vehicles at a time will benefit from this feature immensely…..not to say its advantages for the environment. Delivery of spotless and completely dry vehicles now becomes faster than ever.
Power of accessories and wands
Modern day detailing equipments for your vehicles come with high quality accessories and wands designed innovatively for delivery of strong car upholstery cleaner power. You will be able to use them even in the tightest spaces for comprehensive maintenance of upholstery and interiors.