Friday, 7 September 2018

All-Inclusive Professional Corporate Cleaning Services for Commercial Premises

Productivity of your business is directly related to the health of your employees. In a non-sanitized environment, airborne/waterborne microorganisms can spread from an employee to another. Several sick employees may reduce your productivity and may negatively impact your profit margin. The corporate cleaning services of Manmachine Group can save you from these outcomes through the sanitized cleaning processes.
corporate cleaning services
Corporate Cleaning Services

Sanitized Ceilings

Manmachine Group professionals are trained to pay attention to every detail at the time of residential cleaning also. They give a top-to-bottom cleaning of each room. Nowadays, many office buildings have false ceilings underneath the main ceiling to improve a room’s aesthetics. These ceilings are made of gypsum boards, PVC sheets, Plaster of Paris or plywood materials. The metal/wooden frames are used to hold the sheets in place.

·         Vacuum cleaners may remove cobwebs from these ceilings. They cannot remove the dust particles completely. The dirty ceilings can become the favorite resting place for the germs.
The cleaning experts clean each frame and board manually with microfiber cloth. They use eco-friendly cleaning Group to remove the spots and dirt particles. Their deep cleaning method keeps your office rooms sanitized from the above.

Sanitized Floors

Floors receive equal attention from the cleaning professionals of Manmachine Group. They determine best cleaning service process based on the type of flooring or the level of staining.
·         These experts can make an overly stained floor shine like mirrors without using any chemical cleaner. They use eco-friendly scrubbing pads along with advanced polishing machines to remove the stains.
·         They also sanitize floors with steam mopping and maintain a sterilized setup for you.

Sanitized Washrooms

Washrooms are the breeding grounds of germs, as microorganisms thrive in humid areas. Hence, washrooms in commercial premises may remain humid throughout the day, as many individuals use a single washroom. Shoes bring mud, grime and germs into these washrooms. The cleaning experts use the steam to clean the stained floors and walls of the washrooms. The disinfecting power of steam can kill the germs whilst cleaning the tiles and can prevent the outbreak of contagious diseases.

Sanitized Air-Ducts

Manmachine Group offer exclusive duct-cleaning services for facilities using central air-conditioning systems. These systems have numerous ducts leading to different rooms. The professionals use robots to determine the condition of these ducts and to clean them through facility management services.