Monday, 18 February 2019

Maintenance for Your Car Wash Equipment

Car Wash Equipment Maintenance

Maintain car wash equipment is very important for maintaining service quality.

    Making a car wash machine maintenance strategy:

The car wash business goal is to possess equipment which is capable enough of working in regular service. Another goal is to cater quality service to the customers and to be known for profitable operation. Maintain the investment in car washing equipment is an important element in the high-volume workflow.
Car wash business could be considered as a production line, where every tools and equipment must be at heights of operating orders so that there is no loss to any business. Successful business owners mainly think proactively than thinking re actively, because proper car wash maintenance is a core part of any smooth operations, assuring to maintain repetitive customers who can stay for a longer time. Customers are always in hurry and are not ready to wait if the delay is caused due to deferred maintenance or slowing of equipment.

High Pressure Car Wash Equipment
Portable Car Wash Equipment
Modern car wash equipment is a complex, high performing, machines that are computerized controlled, cleaning agent and mechanical parts working in continuous motion. Polishes and liquids dispense out from the pressurized systems that work together in the synergistic method. 

Constant maintenance can directly reduce preventable, costly repairs to the equipment. In long run, you can easily save enough of costing through properly scheduled cleaning and lubrication. Manufacturers and industry experts note that few of the most failure related to equipment is because of lack in preventative maintenance.

    Get cleaning schedules for staffs:

Before buying any equipment, you are guided with proper guidelines and instructions so always look at the maintenance interval of car wash and practices which is recommended by the manufacturer of the respective car wash equipment. You can get these instructions and guidelines easily on the manual supplied together with equipment or can be easily available on the website of the manufacturer. Create a maintenance calendar that is easily accessible online and then adds dates of critical maintenance for this. Make an extra addition of automatic mailer or SMS reminder to staffs for checking off the tasks related to equipment check. Ensure they are properly trained for checking the equipment.

    Making Daily routine of equipment cleaning:

Always run a test wash or say ghost wash without vehicle half an hour before opening the car wash outlet. This step will help you in brushing up the dirt and lubricants stuck in the machine and can even help in spotting any leakage or issue. 

Then after, perform the test wash over a vehicle to check the proper working of machinery and how the work is conducted. This checking step will help in ensuring systems like soap application, timing, and quality of brushes is working properly or not. 

Along with the visual inspection of any car wash equipment, performing the maintenance measures on regular basis will surely help in keeping the car wash in check.

Regular verification of:

1.    Guide rail and conveyor:

    Check the dolly gates of entry and exit.
    Check the correlator.

2.    Soaker:

    For leakage, check the hose and all fittings.
    Look for plugged nozzles.
    Check for full coverage
    Check the flow and direction of the water.

3.    Foaming arches:

    Look for any plugged nozzles.
    Look for complete coverage
    Check leakage of water, chemical, and air.
    Check detergent levels.
    Verify foam generator.

4.    Wheel cleaner: 

    Check for any machinery damage.
    Check for any plugged nozzles
    Look for any leakage of oil
    A water line check is necessary
    Check mounting bolts and tension spring.

5.    Friction curtains:

    Check for any damage and plugged nozzles.
    Check for any water line and oil leakage.
    Inspect mounting bolts.
    Look for any loose clips
    Hose down cloth.

6.    Blowers:

    Inspect mounting bolts and brackets.
   Look for top blower oscillation.

Don’t miss pay stations:

While being busy with perfecting the maintenance routine, don’t forget the pay station. Pay stations are one of the most overlooked section of car wash stations. Without these stations, your car washing job is incomplete. So, ensure your pay stations are clean, healthy and hygienic.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Car Wash Safety and Risk Prevention Practices

Car wash issues and its related safety

Car Wash Safety
Car Wash Safety
Do you think car washes are safe? Do you ask a question to yourself how often you need to take your car to car wash outlet? Professional car cleaning is better or local car wash?

Not every car wash is planned equally and properly maintained but if you are thinking that switching to a modern washing which is properly designed and is in a better place than is it takes care of your car safety?

Working over new technologies is much safe. The updated practices have driven amazing advancement in modern washing techniques and designs along with adding better safety to the car washing process. This blog has a close look over few methods of washing systems which are designed for protecting car of the customer from any damages and even follow preventive steps that will help you in keeping your car healthy for a longer time.

Customer complaint: water is reused so it contains grit of previous car wash.


Solution: Manmachine provides fresh and RO filtered water for cleaning needs.

It is very true that car wash company reuse and further reclaim water usage throughout the car washing process, that is why this car wash business automatic is the Eco-friendly and water-economical business in the cleaning industry. Reusing of water doesn’t mean the same water is collected a bay bottom and shot over the next car. Every wash has its specialized systems and tanks which collects purification of water before it is again used over the next car. This water usage is done under two methods: one is reverse osmosis and the other one is separation.

The separation process is less rigorous among the two processes using biological treatments for removing both light chemical agents that are skimmed off the top by chemical properties, sand, and dirt that falls to the bottom section of the system as the dirty water settles. Water returns out cleaning that holds the trace element of cleaning compounds which vehicles are sprayed down without any differences. Reverse osmosis on other hand takes forces and water it through the Nano-carbon filter, virtually stripping away all particles, hardness and chemical impurities. The filters pores are smaller than sand grains that leave no water stains, leaving the water cleaner. This filtered water is used for final rinse which holds no dissolved hard particles that therefore leaves no spots of water, leaving the facility more efficient and safer than any other average washing business in the city.

Complaint: car washes use a brush that holds grit that can hamper car paint


Solution: Use foam brush and microfiber


Foam Brush For Car Wash
Car Wash
Modern car wash company use foam material or highly manufactured cloth crafted from densely polyethylene microfibers. The material of microfiber is designed specifically designed for having a structure which can’t an don’t hold on any dirt and grit. The brushes are primed continually with clean water and soap for removing any dirt tugged between the fibers of the microfiber cloth that comes in contact with the vehicle body. These car wash brushes rotate at defined pressure and speed for taking human effort. The wrong rag can turn out to be a disaster over car paint.

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