Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fully Automatic Car Wash Machine in India

Car wash machines are available in three types- Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. And, depending  on the car type and model, the owner can decide the method of car washing service. Off late,              automatic car wash machine has gained an immense popularity among the business owners, as customers now want the latest products and equipment for receiving optimal car cleaning service. 

Unique and Best Car Wash Equipments
In the recent times, the business of the car wash has gained immense popularity, as car owners now find it convenient to visit a garage rather than taking time out of their hectic schedule for maintaining their vehicle. Subsequently, the business of car wash is doing exceptionally well. 

To operate a successful car wash business, you need qualified workforce, technologically advanced and durable equipments, and superior cleaning & washing products. Only when you have these arrows in your quiver can you be confident in delivering premium quality services. 

Here is a closer view of the Car Wash Equipment that can make or break your business. 

Stream Pressure Car Washers: Super-powerful hoses jet stream of water about 200 times greater than the air pressure in our surroundings to clean the dirt, oil, and grime from the car’s body. The pressure wash technology eliminates the need to scrub and wipe the dirt form the car’s exteriors, making the cleaning job quicker and efficient. It uses a Stream car wash machine that has a heavy-duty motor attached to the pump for blasting heavy jet stream to wash away the dirt. A car wash detergent is used first on the wet body of the car before using this equipment.  

Carpet cleaners: Gravity holds you down and the dirt and food particles on the floor of your car. You need a good carpet cleaner to sweep out the dry mud or dirt that attaches to your shoe soles and makes your car dirtier. Today, there are numerous carpet cleaners equipments and solutions to help dry or wet clean the car floor, and seats, and remove stains as well. Depending on your car cleaning needs you can order the same at your car service station.    
Steam Cleaners: Lightweight and portable steam cleaners are the perfect solution for cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It also sanitizes the steering wheel, dashboards, car seats, and floor. This Car Wash Equipment has a detachable sponge, which can be attached to the nozzle of the wand to effortlessly clean the window and front glass of the car. However, use a mild car wash shampoo for sparkling clean windows. 

You may not need a full cleanup each time your car arrives at the car wash service station, only if you opt for quick touch-ups between monthly washes. So now you know how to keep you car in top condition, without having to splurge a fortune or investing your weekends. Simply relax and let the professionals at car wash station handle your job. Now can it get better than this? – (Mr. Anil Sethi, M.D – Manmachine Group)