Thursday, 14 June 2018

Smart Facility Management to Keep Commercial Facilities Running without Glitches

Manmachine Group has a solution for every problem associated with cleaning. You may ask for their House Cleaning services to maintain a spick-and-span household. You may even ask for their commercial cleaning services for your business facility. They have the resources to satisfy the requirements of all facilities whether it is hospitality sector or e-commerce sector.

Their professionals are adept in cleaning hospitals and/or pathological centers, too. They have the knowledge and resources for facility management. They ensure that every aspect of your commercial facility can run smoothly daily. The Manmachine Group is not only a cleaning service provider but they fulfill your diversified requirements whether it is domestic or commercial.

Cleaning Services

Experienced cleaning personnel of Manmachine Group ensure that your house and business remains spotless.
·         They use proprietary vacuum cleaners to remove the loose dust particles and/or wet litters off the floors.
·         They also clean the window sills and remove the cobwebs from the ceiling using a vacuum-cleaner.
·         They thoroughly clean the furniture and clean under/back of your furnishing items. This thoroughness is available only from the Manmachine Group.
·         They manually clean the false ceilings along with the decorative artefacts and the electrical/electronic items. Their intensive training program helps these professionals avoid accidents when cleaning the sensitive and fragile items.
·         These cleaning experts can make the floors or walls of any washroom shine like a mirror. They also sanitize the washrooms with steam cleaning. The sanitization of steam is available for every room of your house or your office through innovative machines.
·         These professionals use steam cleaning to remove the stubborn oily stains from the walls and floors of the kitchen within a few minutes’ time.
·         The outside area surrounding a residential or commercial premise receives an in-depth cleaning from these professionals.
o   They can climb any height to clean the windows on high-rise buildings.
o   They can also keep the gardens well-maintained with routine cleaning and pruning.
o   They use pressured jets of steam to clean the walls without damaging the color.

Managerial Services

The Manmachine Group has responsible professionals to supervise the tasks related to facility management services. They are equipped to deal with emergencies and they stay in touch with the owners of commercial premises to make sure that everything runs smoothly. They can serve you fresh food every day whilst keeping the premises spotless.

Advanced Car Washer Equipment for Quick Cleaning with Impeccable Shine

Manmachine Group is known for its stellar performance since the day it started its journey. It raised the bar of quality in the cleaning industry. This group delivered finest quality cleaning experience to their clients and earned a leading position in this sector. It introduced the Indian car-owners to the experience of automatic car cleaning. It reduced the time of cleaning whilst maintaining the standard of quality. The Group uses automatic or semi-automatic car washer to deeply clean a car within 20 minutes. This cleaning process won the hearts of all car-owners, as it befits today’s fast lifestyle. The company has designed 17 different washing programs for the clients.

Car Washer
Car Washer
The auto-cleaning and detailing centers of Manmachine Group are reputed as Exppress Car Wash. These centers use proprietary car washer equipment for the cleaning and detailing processes. For automobiles mechanized cleaning, this company uses automatic and semi-automatic machines. These machines are fitted with advanced cleaning apparatus.

Automatic Cleaners

Automatic machines use pressurized spray of foam and water to thoroughly clean a car.
·         The large and wide platforms attached to these machines move back and forth with the car. This feature ensures that the backside and front of the cars become equally cleaned.
·         The spacious platforms of the automatic cleaning machines can accommodate the cars of different sizes.
·         The rolling vertical and horizontal brushes can clean the cars within minutes with jets of foam and water. The soft bristles of these brushes cause no damage to the car’s surface.
·         These machines also dry the cars after washing and it prevents the water droplets from spotting a car’s surface.

Semi-Automatic Cleaners

The company also manufactures semi-automatic car washers. These machines require manual handling.
·         These machines use pressurized steam jets to clean a car’s interior along with the engine area.
·         The professionals of ECW may even use the jets of steam to clean a car’s exterior upon clients’ request.
·         The cold jets of high-pressured water can clean a car’s body with equal efficiency. The pressurized jets are also used to clean the tyre arches and tyre treads within minutes.
·         The auto-detailers of ECW use a telescopic lance and a gun system to generate powerful jets of water.
·         The gun system is also attachable to a proprietary foam dispenser of Manmachine Group. The cleaning experts can cover an entire car with foamy lathers using this gun system within a minute.
The innovative car washer equipment from Manmachine Group not only adds speed to the cleaning process. These machines guarantee impeccable cleanliness and enhance the performance of cleaning personnel.