Monday, 25 February 2019

Things to consider before starting a Car wash Business

Have you ever thought of owning your own car wash franchise business but were afraid of failing?

car wash company
Car Wash Business
Often people fear to fail even before starting a business and the main reason behind their fear is incomplete knowledge about the respective business. An automatic car wash business can be a smart investment because there is a rise in demand for car washes in the cleaning industry. With lots of car running on the road, car washes are a requirement for maintaining the appearance of car exterior and protect the car paint from chipping and rusting caused by the oxidation process. With benefits, there exist many challenges for starting a car wash business including which type of car wash system to go for? What to do of the wastewater? How to dispose of it? What measures to take for making care wash business eco-friendly and many others?

How to initiate a car wash business?

Let’s have a look at the major steps you need to know before starting a car wash business.

Making a business plan for a car wash:

Car Wash Busniness
Car Wash Business Plan
A solid plan is a mandatory part of starting any business. It helps in bringing the vision of business to paper and then creating a layout of a step-by-step plan for converting business plan to reality. You will need this concrete plan for securing capital when approaching funds from banks or any potential investors. Always remember, for convincing a lender you should always have a concrete plan mapping everything related to starting and maintaining a successful car wash business. You will need this plan when finalizing the possible location with commercial agents and for further verification.

Points to include in making a plan for car wash business:

    Business description including services to offer to customers, target audience, market to capture     and updated census data comprising a population of that respective area.
    Philosophy and goals of the business
    Any business specialties like car washing or car detailing.
    Previous work experience, ownership, and all working staff information.
    Business management
    Financial forecast including business profit.
    Objectives list of the business.
Apart from the points described above, don’t forget to include the reasons for the success of a business or any possibility of drawbacks. Add information which adds credibility to plan success for gaining the confidence of city planner and investors.

Research potential location for car wash business:

Location is an important factor while determining while setting up the outlet. Try to approach commercial real estate having the best location and then visualize every aspect of utilizing the place for car washing. Your layout of car wash outlet should be easily approachable, safe location and should be near to the main road so that it is easy for people to take their vehicle to the outlet.

After proper research work, you need to consider a few more things like:

    Busiest location of a particular area
    Zoning code
    The population of that place
    Traffic flow
    Total car count

Monitor competitors in the car washing industry:

Always have an eagle eye on your competitors by researching on their working strategies and since when they are into this business. This will help you in understanding their marketing pattern and rates prevailing in the market. After comparing basics, come down to the equipment used by them as this will help you in providing quality service which is the base of making loyal customers.
These are certain questions that you need to consider your competitors. To make competition healthy, pick a location which is not over-saturated with car wash business.

Secure Financing:

Car Wash Business
Car Wash Budget
What is the total budget? What is the fraction of investment from the total budget? How much will be the costing for starting a car wash business? You need to make all calculations related to finances that an individual need to secure including car wash construction, real estate property, car wash chemicals, maintenance cost, insurances, and many others. Ensure that you calculate and include all the budget and costings for starting and setting up the car wash business and then properly running it at a profitable margin. It can be a good idea to consult someone from car wash business so as to get a clear vision of the working pattern of business so as to sustain in long run. If you give a properly formulated plan of business with a solid revenue model and updated marketing plan, it brings confidence in you for convincing the investors for lending the capital required for the starting up of business.

Acquire Approval from zonal head:

The new business owners need approval from the zonal head before they can start off their business. it is essential to set up the meeting with heads and bring the business plan to table for discussion. Ask for verbal approval at the end of paper documentation, as this will help you in sharing proper gesture.

Decide the car wash type:

The car wash is a vast form of business so you need to first decide what type of car wash you want to start in your town. Some of the popular car wash systems include:
Exppress Car Wash
Car Wash
    Self-service car wash systems: this form of car wash system helps you in washing the car on your own, just the material will be provided by the car wash company.
    Automatic car wash system: this wash system includes touchless car wash machines which ease the car washing process by removing any manual need.
    Mobile car wash system: this is the form of car wash system in which a company sends their staffs to the car owner place and clean their car at the respective place.

Develop a strong marketing plan for car wash franchise:

After you are done with all decision, the end thing you need to focus on is marketing propaganda. You need to create an in-depth marketing strategy keeping in mind your respective target audience. Your marketing strategies should comprise of your opening ceremony, prices of the packages and offers you catering. Further review your marketing goals for determining the budget for advertisement and marketing. For advertisements, you first need to have a logo, sales collaterals, pamphlets and a website ready. Always prefer both media of marketing that is traditional and digital so as to reach a large section of the population.
If you are interested in the thought of owning a car wash business and the above-described points are relevant for you then you should step ahead to get a franchise of branded car wash business. reach us through our website and we will be more than happy to give you information regarding our car wash franchise.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

How often do your home demands residential cleaning service?

Let’s get into reality, in today’s advanced and fast scenario, household chores are a task of tension and often it bumps down from to-do checklist of many people. If you are among the one, don’t worry! You definitely need a helping hand for your home cleaning. A house cleaning service provider can help you in managing your work and saving your time.
Residential Cleaning
Residential Cleaning Services
The best part of hiring a professional residential cleaning company for carrying out cleaning task is you can enjoy your spare time with close and dear ones.

One question that always stuck in minds of homeowners while making a decision is how often availing cleaning service is needed. 

Factors required for determining “how often deep house cleaning is required?

1.    The requirement of cleaning service frequency:

There is an endless number of factors to consider before going for cleaning service. This blog deals with certain basic factors that will be beneficial for determining the frequency of availing services. So, to provide you with a jump-start, here we go with the basics:

·         Daily home cleaning:

If you are a person with jam-packed schedule comprising 9hours of early office, traveling, young kids, an elderly individual who are in need of regular assistance and care and pets, so here, you need to have someone as a daily housekeeper. There are cleaning service provider who helps you in dealing with everyday hectic chores. They make sure that someone is there at your home to handle your task with safety and maintain hygiene. Your busy routine can bit easy with these helping hands.

·         Weekly or bi-weekly home cleaning:

It is a great idea to hire some cleaning professional on a regular time period of a week or bi-week for someone who simply needs maintenance of their home. The staffs of cleaning service provider likely stay a bit longer for attending the hidden dirt, dust, and corners that are not frequently attended by you.  This is a good deal for those who are a bit relaxed in their daily routine and can manage cleaning stuff on their own. Housekeeping staffs who visits weekly or bi-weekly will perform certain processes like dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and will even help you in changing linens of your home.

·         Monthly cleaning of home:

This option is for those individuals who want a professional touch to their cleaning requirement on a regular basis. This cleaning option is an elaborative form of cleaning and includes many professional residential cleaning services like janitorial cleaning, ceiling cleaning, sofa and upholstery cleaning, bathroom cleaning and proper placing of things so as to beautify the interior of your home. In between the professional visit, you even need to clean your home so that cleanliness is maintained.

2.    What you want to get cleaned?

Professional Deep Cleaning Services
Professional Deep Cleaning Services
One of the easiest ways of deciding the frequency of cleaning service need is to have a clear point on what you want to be cleaned by the hands of professionals. From this clear vision, you and your hired professional can determine the frequency of availing the service. If you are longing help in dealing with everyday chores like vacuuming, laundry, dusting then daily scheduling is the answer to the question. You need someone who can deal with bathroom cleaning and linen changing stuff then, weekly or bi-weekly may work the best. 

House Cleaning Professionals
House Cleaning
If you are struggling with dirt on window panes, gates, ventilators, spider webs then here generate the need for monthly cleaning. this option may be the best-suited option suiting your routine and lifestyle.

So, with a clear vision, you can be at ease to decide what your need is and then you can explain your demands to the house cleaning professionals.

3.    What’s the budget?

If you are done with the decision of hiring professional and for what, the clock surely stuck to the point of budget. If budget holds you back from opting the best frequency suiting your needs, then don’t worry as there are lots of different ways to deal with this problem and here, we go with the list:
Home Cleaning
Maintaining Your Budget

• Make a cleaning task list which is compulsory for you. This step will help you in cutting out certain services from packages and reduce the cost of the package. 

• Always alternate the task you want to be done. Make rotation of work as this can even give you relaxation in maintaining your budget.


After considering all the facts described above, along with the appropriate budget and schedule, it is very important to find out the right professional for your cleaning needs.
So, let us help you with finding THE BEST for you!

The Maids Dot In will be a perfect choice for all your needs as it can satisfy you with quality service and pocket-friendly packages. Keeping your home clean is what we focus on and feel happy in helping you by being your helping hand.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Maintenance for Your Car Wash Equipment

Car Wash Equipment Maintenance

Maintain car wash equipment is very important for maintaining service quality.

    Making a car wash machine maintenance strategy:

The car wash business goal is to possess equipment which is capable enough of working in regular service. Another goal is to cater quality service to the customers and to be known for profitable operation. Maintain the investment in car washing equipment is an important element in the high-volume workflow.
Car wash business could be considered as a production line, where every tools and equipment must be at heights of operating orders so that there is no loss to any business. Successful business owners mainly think proactively than thinking re actively, because proper car wash maintenance is a core part of any smooth operations, assuring to maintain repetitive customers who can stay for a longer time. Customers are always in hurry and are not ready to wait if the delay is caused due to deferred maintenance or slowing of equipment.

High Pressure Car Wash Equipment
Portable Car Wash Equipment
Modern car wash equipment is a complex, high performing, machines that are computerized controlled, cleaning agent and mechanical parts working in continuous motion. Polishes and liquids dispense out from the pressurized systems that work together in the synergistic method. 

Constant maintenance can directly reduce preventable, costly repairs to the equipment. In long run, you can easily save enough of costing through properly scheduled cleaning and lubrication. Manufacturers and industry experts note that few of the most failure related to equipment is because of lack in preventative maintenance.

    Get cleaning schedules for staffs:

Before buying any equipment, you are guided with proper guidelines and instructions so always look at the maintenance interval of car wash and practices which is recommended by the manufacturer of the respective car wash equipment. You can get these instructions and guidelines easily on the manual supplied together with equipment or can be easily available on the website of the manufacturer. Create a maintenance calendar that is easily accessible online and then adds dates of critical maintenance for this. Make an extra addition of automatic mailer or SMS reminder to staffs for checking off the tasks related to equipment check. Ensure they are properly trained for checking the equipment.

    Making Daily routine of car wash equipment cleaning:

Always run a test wash or say ghost wash without vehicle half an hour before opening the car wash outlet. This step will help you in brushing up the dirt and lubricants stuck in the machine and can even help in spotting any leakage or issue. 

Then after, perform the test wash over a vehicle to check the proper working of machinery and how the work is conducted. This checking step will help in ensuring systems like soap application, timing, and quality of brushes is working properly or not. 

Along with the visual inspection of any car wash equipment, performing the maintenance measures on regular basis will surely help in keeping the car wash in check.

Regular verification of:

1.    Guide rail and conveyor:

    Check the dolly gates of entry and exit.
    Check the correlator.

2.    Soaker:

    For leakage, check the hose and all fittings.
    Look for plugged nozzles.
    Check for full coverage
    Check the flow and direction of the water.

3.    Foaming arches:

    Look for any plugged nozzles.
    Look for complete coverage
    Check leakage of water, chemical, and air.
    Check detergent levels.
    Verify foam generator.

4.    Wheel cleaner: 

    Check for any machinery damage.
    Check for any plugged nozzles
    Look for any leakage of oil
    A water line check is necessary
    Check mounting bolts and tension spring.

5.    Friction curtains:

    Check for any damage and plugged nozzles.
    Check for any water line and oil leakage.
    Inspect mounting bolts.
    Look for any loose clips
    Hose down cloth.

6.    Blowers:

    Inspect mounting bolts and brackets.
   Look for top blower oscillation.

Don’t miss pay stations:

While being busy with perfecting the maintenance routine, don’t forget the pay station. Pay stations are one of the most overlooked section of car wash stations. Without these stations, your car washing job is incomplete. So, ensure your pay stations are clean, healthy and hygienic.