Friday, 5 May 2017

Gift a Polished Shine to Your Car with Best Foam Car Washing in India

If you want a rejuvenating spa for your car, you need to visit the car cleaning center of This famous automobile cleaning center offers three different types of foam car wash. You are allowed to select the best car cleaning service based on your car’s necessities and your budget. These three categories are known as – Exppress 1, 2 and 3. I have chosen the service of Exppress 1 and 3 categories till date. The exclusivity of these tiers has made me believe that is the best place to receive car wash India.
foam car wash
Foam car wash
Exppress Services :
The cleaning procedures of Exppress are suitable for monthly thorough cleaning of the cars. This primary tier is sufficient for monthly cleaning of my automobile’s exterior and interior.
  • The cleaning experts of used a proprietary vacuum cleaner to clean the car’s floor. They used a round brush to dust the floor and the boot compartment.
  • They removed the rubber floor-mat before vacuuming and cleaned the mat with a foamy cleaning solution. They sprayed the solution on the floor-mat and cleaned the dirt particles with a brush.
  • They used automatic car washer to clean the car’s exterior with pressurized spray of water. They used the Foam Bottle to spread thick layer of foam onto the car’s surface. This unique device had expedited the foam spreading process. The foamy layer dissolved the dirt particles.
  • The auto-cleaners used a straight lance to apply pressurized jets of hot water. The jet force of hot water removed the foam and cleaned the dirt particles along with the foam. The cleaning professionals used this lance to clean the tyre arches and fender.
  • They used an under body lance to clean the under-chassis area without hydraulic lifting.
  • They cleaned the engine compartment with pressurized jets of steam instead of heated water.
  • The auto-cleaners applied liquid polishing agent onto the car’s surface with an automatic polisher. This polishing added pristine shine to my car’s body after cleaning.
  • They cleaned the dashboard with Crevice Tool of the vacuum cleaner and polished it manually. They polished the tyres after cleaning and made my car clean from top to bottom.
Exppress 3 Service :
I needed the exclusive care of Exppress-3 service after returning from a road-trip of five days. The Exppress-3 tier included some special features along with the aforementioned services of Exppress-1.
  • My car not only received foam car wash of the engine compartment, exterior surface, boot space and wheels. It also received an exclusive treatment to the windshield.
  • The auto-cleaners used a proprietary polishing agent to remove blemishes from the windshield. They applied ECW’s Glass Protector to prevent the generation of any scratch or stain. The shield of this protective chemical is also saving me from blinding lights.
  • The Exppress-3 tier not only includes cleaning of the floor, roof, corners, narrow spaces and equipment. It also includes upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning services.
  • The interior of my car received an additional care on the third level of Exppress cleaning. The cleaning expert sprayed a nice perfume to gift me a relaxing ride on my way back.