Saturday, 24 January 2015

India's No-1 Car Wash Machine Dealer

Manmachine offers some of the best car wash machines in the world. They are known for their spectacular technology. Each of the products they make is designed with the best technology available in the market today. The array of tailor made products will help you run your car wash business spectacularly. You will not have to worry about anything as the company’s supervisors will offer customized solutions. This is a great aspect of this company, as they offer clear communication with their customers. 

You will find the best car care products which have been tested on the Indian terrain and weather with Manmachine. You will get the best car wash machines which are all state of the art and are designed in very efficient way here. These machines are the best in the market and will help you to run you’re successful car washing business here. The car washer come in different designs and models which will help you to choose the one which you will need. You have to try their products out to see how good they actually are. 

What kind of products will you get?

Car washers are always available in stores; however, you will find that there are a variety of different products which will help you run your car washing business smoothly. Manmachine also deals with Steam Car Wash Machine. These machines are powerful jets which throw steam with extreme precision to clean any surface of the car or even interiors. The engines and the under arches of the cars are cleaned extremely well with this machine. The steam car wash machines are all tested and cleared before being available to the public so you can be sure that you are getting the best in the deal. 

Another great product you will find here is the Automatic Car Wash Machine. This machine takes care of the entire process and gives you car a complete wash. You just have to set it on the conveyor belt and you are done. With powerful sprays of water and steam the entire car including the underbody is cleaned efficiently. Another one of the great products is the vacuum cleaner. Forget about those little vacuums which used to clear your house. These vacuums suctions power is over the charts and they help clean out the interior of engines as well as any hard to reach place of your car. 

Manmachine – Top Service Provider

Manmachine is India’s leading car wash machines dealer especially for the fact that they offer great products consistently. You will never have to worry about the quality of the products. They offer a huge catalogue which will help you to go through all their products and you can choose accordingly. Buy these products and keep your car and the cars which come to you looking forever new. All of India’s leading car wash businesses use their technology. Once you use it you will not have to worry about it ever again.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

India's No-1 Automatic Car Wash Machine

If you are looking for India’s best automatic car wash machine then you have to try out the one designed by Manmachine. Not only does the name sound familiar to any person who has ever gotten their car washed it is also familiar because it is one of India’s leading dealers in car wash machines and accessories. They will provide you with the best car washing experience you could hope for. You will also find that the durability of these machines is very good as they will last for years. These machines are corrosion resistant so you will not have to worry about them getting damaged for year. There structure s sturdy and you will get different car wash machines for different types of vehicles. 

The weight of the vehicles is the factor which groups them into categories. The lighter vehicles go through one kind of machine and the heavier ones go through a much more sturdy type of machine. 

These are few aspects which Manmachine focuses on while delivering you with the best car washing machines in the market today. They are all made from state of the art components and the construction is done by authorized individuals who mater the craft. This result in the best Automatic Car Wash Machine you can find in this country. 

Basic aspects of the car wash machines

Every car wash machine of Manmachine has certain aspects which are common. The sizes of the features may vary but the basic properties of the machines stay the same. These are the high speed water and steam jets which blow off any about of dust or grim which may be situated in your car.  These dust particles are sometimes hard to reach and remove with a soapy wash, so the Manmachine automatic car washer takes care of such areas by providing high pressured stem and water guns to clean those respective areas.  

Also the high quality brushes which are used to polish and wash the exteriors of the car are designed in such a way that no amount of paint is damaged when the car is in the Car Washer.
These factors show how much care Manachine puts into the making of their products. You will have a wonderful time if you use the products designed by them. 

Why Manmachine and not others?

You will have some serious trouble finding the amount of features any Manmachine car wash machine provides, if you look into other companies. They cannot keep up with the standards of Manmachine. The capacities of the systems are pretty good and offer a huge number of car washes daily. The numbers cannot be matched by any other car wash machine dealers in the country. 

The machines can be upgraded from time to time which gives the machines extra lives and keeps it in a top notch position. You will never have to worry about opening you very own car wash once you try out the Manmachine car wash machines. They will be your partners in this wonderful enterprise. 

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Interesting Facts About the Steam Car Wash Machine in India

When you want to clean your vehicle with a waterless method, steam car wash machine in India becomes the natural choice. Water used in steam form easily dries off from the vehicular surface. It is ideal for manual wash methods as it speeds up cleaning by loosening the stubborn dirt. When you are in detailing business, saving time with each vehicle that you service matters. So if you could bring down the cleaning time of the car significantly, you could bring more business your way. This is exactly what happens when you use the steam cleaning method.

So what can you clean using this? Get sparkling results with vehicle dashboard, engine, roof, upholstery, and hard surface stains on the car. Many steam car wash machine are multifunctional in nature and offer myriad features other than steam. Operators can use them for vacuuming, blowing hot air, ozone disinfection and chemical sprays. Car washes these days love such state of the art machines because they are easy to install and operate. Also, their maintenance is simple too.

How steam cleaning works?
A specialised machine converts water to steam and then uses it to clean the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle. In the cleaning industry, the benefits of steam are well known and are being used for years, to get stellar results. The simple reasons being- it is effective and has sterilisation capacity. Steam jet used in the method is extremely safe for the vehicle, both interiors and exteriors. Steam car wash machine in India does not cause any streaking or spots, besides working as deodoriser and sanitizer. Also, the process is completely eco-friendly. There is no water run-off with minimal water use during the cleaning process. It is 100% eco-friendly, minus chemicals prolonging the life and looks of your vehicle.

Some associated benefits

  • Consumes only 4 L water every wash
  • Eliminates water waste
  •  Removes grease, dirt, and stains
  •  Sterilises and deodorizes
  •  Removes upholstery stain fast

Use this method to spotlessly clean engine compartments, floor mats, door jams, wheel wells, trunks, and tires all those places you couldn't reach otherwise. Now you can easily say goodbye to getting the feet wet, chemical cleansers, and hours spent in scrubbing the surface. So how long is it going to take when you are using steam car washer? It depends upon the style of carwash and the size of your vehicle. Still, experienced washers will take only 10 min for spotless cleaning of exteriors.

Function of the vacuum
Steam machines and auto detailing come with a vacuum. It multiplies overall effectiveness of the cleaner. It extracts dissolved residues of dirt resulting from high temperatures generated by the machine. In absence of the vacuum, your steamer will only function as a dirt-displacing machine and nothing else. Also, this attachment speeds up the functioning because with vacuum steam car wash will take even under half of the time for process completion compared to a machine without vacuum.

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Why Car Wash Machine is Rapidly Gaining Popularity?

Do you believe in eco-friendly practices? If the answer is yes, an automatic car wash may just be the thing for you. Besides being good for the environment, it helps in optimal maintenance of your vehicle ensuring a good resale value. It reduces the pollution of ground water, save water, and preserves the finish and paint of your car.

What are the environmental benefits?
Do you wash your car at home? Then without even knowing, you may be wasting approximately 150 gallons of water with each project. In comparison, a brush less or touch less car wash system uses about 35 gallons only. Besides, the detergent and the soap that you use for washing purposes, along with washed out grunge enter the ground, polluting the local supply of water. Whatever water, the automatic car washer uses are reclaimed by the machine. Further, it treats and cleans the water before reusing.

Save money with automatic wash
Besides being completely safe for the environment and for your vehicle too, you can actually save money by opting for automatic car wash machine. By leaving it to the professionals, you can ensure that your car remains in good hand with no repair costs later. Also, everything is automatic, the car wash need to employ less staff than before. Resultantly, the expenses related to the procedure come down significantly. You become the ultimate beneficiary because not only you get stellar services, but also do it at a fraction of the cost than other methods, which includes DIY.

Minimum time requirement
Naturally, machine work is always faster than manual methods. With automatic car, wash machine in India your car comes out looking like new in under 30 min and this is when you considering the most exhaustive wash possible. Otherwise, everything this happens within minutes and you can be inside your car and ready to go.

Additional benefits
Besides the significant benefits to the environment, you will be prolonging the beautiful appearance of your vehicle by using such an automatic system. When you use your hands to scrub and clean the vehicle surface, with the help of brushes and sponges tiny scratches occur on the paint. This happens because silt, sand, and tiny dirt particles remain captured in the sponge or the brush that you are using. These scratches can go down to up to 10% of the overall paint thickness doing much damage. Now, when you use automatic car wash machine in India, which are a brushless and touch less method, you are applying water spray at high pressure for removal of surface dirt. This is followed by washing, where materials used for surface cleaning fail to accumulate any grit due to continuous rinsing.

So how frequently should you use this method?
With numerous benefits associated with automatic washing it is quite natural to choose this process above others. Now, what should be the gap between each such subsequent procedure? Ideally, weekly cleaning, make sure that the finish of your vehicle lasts longer. Presence of dirt traps moisture, promoting rust. With computerised car washer, you eliminate corrosive actions resulting from pollution, salt, and dirt.