Thursday, 7 February 2019

Helpful household hacks with Washing Soda as part of residential cleaning:

Always, you will get to see the placement of washing soda is just next to the washing machine in the laundry aisle. Do you think it is an appropriate to place for that?

Washing soda is an important cleaning ingredient or in layman language, you can say that it makes a beneficial cleaner that can be used in kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, laundry cleaning and many other. This blog will explain to you the best possible way of using washing soda for home cleaning. but before heading towards hack, first get a clear idea about washing soda including what it is and how it is an important cleaning agent.

Washing soda
Washing soda

What is washing soda?

Also termed as soda ash, sodium carbonate or soda crystal closely related to baking soda but differently processed. It is highly alkaline with pH score of 11 that is an effective solvent for treating hard stains. It is useful and safe. You can easily find it in the aisle of stores or can even get online.
Here are helpful and clever use of washing soda for house cleaning:

 Treating laundry stains:

For helping dissolve hard stains from clothes, you need to first soak that cloth in a solution of washing soda and warm water. This process will help you in removing any sort of ink, blood, grease, tea and more. Simply fill a bucket with warm water, further add ½ cup of washing soda and properly stir it. Once washing soda is properly dissolved, put stained cloth and allow it to soak for an hour. After soaking remove the cloth from the solution of washing soda and further wash it as usual.

Cleaning burner pans and ovens:

Cleaning burner
Cleaning burner
Toughest cleaning turns easier with the use of washing soda. Simply, take one gallon of warm water and add ½ cup of washing soda to it. Use this solution for cleaning broiler pans, burners and oven. Initiate the process by removing small items such as burners and soak them properly in the solution of washing soda for at least half an hour. Soak a damp sponge in a solution and further use it for scrubbing the dirty segment of oven, pans or burners. For harder stains, you can directly sprinkle some amount of soda over the damp sponge and give a good scrub to stain for a better result.
Cleaning bathing tubs and shower caps:

Use washing soda regular solution with scrub brush or sponge for scrubbing the bathing tub, shower cap or sinks so as to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom, it can be even an important schedule of bathroom cleaning. washing soda usage helps in cutting through greasy residues, soap scum, and limescale!


Sprinkling handful of washing soda in the toilet, leaving it for 10 minutes and flushing it off will help you in toilet cleaning the toilet and even maintaining its hygiene. It will help in cleaning and freshness of the toilet bowl along with clearing up all the blockages. You can even soak the bowl in washing soda solution

Upholstery cleaning:

Washing soda is amazing carpet spot removal including hard wine stains. For eliminating the hard stains and freshen up the upholstery you simply need to dab upholstery using regular solution. It is always advised to first check the fading of colour with a solution by checking somewhere corner or on other coloured fabrics. All these cleaning hacks will help you in simplifying your residential cleaning process and bring ease to you along with maintaining the freshness of your home.

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